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Monthly Archives: August 2011

Do What YOU Can Do

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I just finished having lunch with the one guy that, in my opinion, has done more to promote hunting, fishing, trapping and gun rights than anyone EVER has. That guy is Ted Nugent! After listening to Ted talk about how perfect the shooting and hunting lifestyles are, I started thinking about, “What if us hunters did not have Ted Nugent in our ranks?” That’s a pretty scary thought don’t you think? Then I started wondering if I was doing everything I could to promote the hunting lifestyle we love. I want you to ask yourself the same question.

Let’s start with Ted! With his worldwide rock and roll celebrity, for the past thirty years he has had the opportunity to reach out to millions of people. And reach out he has done! From the lyrics of his songs to the New York Times best selling books he has authored; from the stage of every concert to the numerous national talk shows that he appears on; from every episode of his award winning television show, “Spirit of the Wild” to the message he conveys in his newspaper and magazine articles; or just what he says and does in his everyday life activities, Ted Nugent promotes the hunting and shooting lifestyle.

Sure Ted has his detractors! Like PETA and the Humane Society of the United States. I hate to admit it; he even has some in the ranks of our fellow hunters.

PETA and the Humane Society of the United States I can understand. They hate hunting, they lack common sense and good judgment, and Ted stands for everything that they oppose so it makes sense that those groups would hate Ted. Ted has never shied away from the attacks made against him by these anti-hunting groups and has risked everything to lead the fight against these anti-hunting fanatics. It is well acknowledged that Ted Nugent is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame because of his politics. Everyone that has heard a guitar note in the last thirty years will tell you that. In fact, when Metallica was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, they pointed out the injustice of Ted Nugent not gaining that honor before them! Undaunted, Ted remains on the front lines in this battle, regardless of his personal risks, to protect these precious rights.

But hunters not supporting Ted, well that makes no sense to me at all. Whether it is jealousy or what, I have no idea. But, no mater if you agree with “how” Ted delivers the message, if you’re a hunter you should recognize everything he does to preserve and protect your hunting rights and support Uncle Ted completely.

Of course, most of us do not have the opportunity to reach the number of people that Ted can to promote our hunting lifestyle. However, that should not dissuade us from doing whatever we can, at our own level, to promote what we believe in. Whether it is at work, church or at non-hunting gatherings we can be positive promoters of the hunting lifestyle. We can share stories of what we do and talk about responsible gun ownership and safe, ethical hunting practices. We can share the excess bounty of our success by sharing the meat with the less fortunate. We know right from wrong so if someone makes a negative comment about gun ownership or hunting, speak out on the topic. We have logic and facts on our side so become more knowledgeable of some of the pro-gun statistics and conservational benefits of hunting and state them if such a discussion comes up. Be forceful but polite. Anti-gun and anti-hunters base their opinions on “emotion and feelings” so you will win over the neutral observers with your factual and well thought out positions. It may only be one or two people at a time but they all add up.

I, myself, have vowed to do just that. In fact, I now make it a point to bring up the topics of responsible gun ownership and hunting wherever I am. This includes church events, union meetings, family gatherings or outings with friends. I know that I have had a positive impact on a number of people.

This brings me to my next point, Shawn Michaels! Like Nugent, Shawn is a MEGA-CELEBERITY! He has the ability to reach millions and currently has over 330,000 Facebook followers and over 300,000 Twitter followers. He lives a hunting life style and is a pro-Second Amendment conceal and carry pro-gun patriot! Now that Shawn is hosting MacMillan River Adventures, he is letting the world know his beliefs. His hunting and pro-gun beliefs have been featured in numerous national publications, and he has been on several national television programs promoting our lifestyle to millions of people. Just recently, Shawn’s hunting lifestyle was featured on the “FOX News” web site! I think the hunting community has found another celebrity with the balls to stand next to Ted Nugent and promote and celebrate the perfection of our hunting lifestyle!

I urge everyone to not only do everything in your own world to promote responsible gun ownership and the hunting lifestyle, but to support Shawn and Ted 100% as they lead us against those that would take this all away from us. Oh, by the way, if you are reading this and just happen to be one of those anti-gun or anti-hunters, as my partner Shawn says, “I got two words for you!”

God Bless

Prepare to Succeed

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I have to admit, co-hosting MacMillan River Adventures with superstar Shawn Michaels can be painful. I mean that literally! I am not talking about the physical pain he has actually inflicted on me from slaps, punches and super kicks. Even though he has done each of those to me, for fun, as part of our filming! I am talking about the pain I have to endure trying to stay in top shape just so I can try and keep up with him in the field. However, I have to admit, all of that hard work has paid off as I am now experiencing greater success on my hunts now that I am 100% dedicated to staying in top shape. If you want to improve your hunting success and enjoy your times in the field more, I suggest that you take your health and fitness more seriously.

When I turned 50 years old, the mountains in the Yukon seemed taller, the walk to my tree stand seemed further, and every deer I shot seemed to be much heaver than the deer I shot in my youth. The truth was, Father Time had caught up with me! Although I had tried to stay in decent shape, that just wasn’t good enough anymore. Add to that a health issue that put me on the shelf for nearly a year, and I was at a cross roads in my life. Either I had to get serious about my health and work really hard to get into top shape, or slow down with regard to the extreme hunts that I was used to going on. It was an easy choice for me. I love extreme hunting, so…..

About this time I crossed paths with “Mr. Hall of Fame,” who just happens to be in incredible shape. Then we decided to bring MRA back and the hunts together started, which meant that we started spending a lot of time together on the road. I was impressed with how conscientious he was about staying in top shape. I was able to witness first hand how a finely tuned professional athlete stayed in awesome shape. Here is what I learned!

He is always conscientious of what he eats. That is lesson one: Watch what you eat! Avoid fat and greasy foods. Cut back on the unnecessary carbohydrates. Eat smaller portions. You don’t have to totally give up the “bad” stuff, just cut back. I try and follow an 80/20 rule. Eat healthy 80% of the time and you will be able to afford to indulge 20% of the time.

The beauty of being a hunter is that the red meat that we do eat is all wild, which is lower in fat and void of the steroids that have been pumped into the domestic meat found in the supermarket. Also, my wife tries to avoid using grease and fatty oils when preparing our family meals and prefers to grill the meat or use the crock-pot for cooking.

If the food is “white,” cut back on it. For example, white bread, potatoes, and sugar are no no’s! These are all unnecessary carbohydrates that you can do without. Whole grain wheat bread and wild brown rice are excellent substitutes. Of course, steamed broccoli and asparagus are always fine table fare!

However, controlling your diet is actually the easy part of the equation. Staying “physically fit” requires more of a commitment, AND commitment is the appropriate word. Staying physically fit requires a time and effort commitment. The hard part is actually getting started.

Before starting any workout program you should always consult your physician. Once you get the OK to get started, then GET STARTED. I believe that any good work out program needs to combine cardiovascular workouts with weight training.

The cardio part of your workouts must be structured in a manner to get, and keep your heart rate at a certain level. You should consult your doctor and the appropriate workout chart to determine your optimum heart rate, and you should always wear a heart monitor while working out. The cardio part of your workout needs to be something you enjoy so you will keep it up. Running, biking, tennis, racket ball, or just brisk walking are all good alternatives.

One thing to keep in mind, cardiovascular training will only burn calories while you are engaging in that activity, or for maybe 30 minutes after you finish the work out. However, weight training will increase your metabolism and promote the increased burning of calories throughout the day. That is why I strongly believe that any successful work out routine should include some level of weight training. You do not have to lift tons of weight and try and compete with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and after consulting your doctor you should develop a routine that fits your age and physical ability.

Also, think about the type of hunting you want to do when designing your workouts. If you want to Stone Sheep hunt with MacMillan River Adventures in the Yukon, you better be doing a lot of cardio. If you know that you will be required to pack in a bunch of gear or pack a lot of meat, weight training is a must. If you want to be a better bow hunter, make sure that you work out your shoulders and back.

So, what is the workout routine that the MRA boys are doing now? P90X! It’s awesome! It gives you all the cardio and weight training you need to get into and stay in top shape. I love the fact that you do not have to join a gym to do the workouts. You can do them all at home, and if you download the workouts on your laptop, you never miss a workout when you are on the road. Also, I really enjoy Tony Horton’s style as he makes the workouts fun and makes me not want to “cheat” and skip a day! The workout is very challenging but as Tony says every workout, “Do your best, and forget about the rest!” I have just now completed my ninety days of P90X and I am in the best shape of my life.

Shawn, being the over-achiever that he is, not only does the P90X workouts, but his “Total Gym” stuff, and who knows what else! Of course, Shawn is in better shape that I will ever be in, but it just emphasizes the point that the harder you work the more results you will see. Although Shawn says he has retired, just knowing how hard he is working to stay in top shape makes me dream about a Showstopper return even if he insists that it will not happen.

So, if you want to be a more successful hunter and enjoy a better overall quality of life, commit to a healthier lifestyle. Eat more sensible and follow a regular workout routine. You will get to those sheep on the top of the mountains, you will get to your tree stands easier and BEFORE the sun come up, and you will shoot straighter arrows. More importantly, you will feel better and you will be around to teach your grandchildren how to hunt!

God Bless!