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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Before Today

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Hi this email has nothing to do with your show but I wrote this poem after watching the clip when you and Shawn were hunting Moose in the Yukon and you were sitting around the camp fire just talking, so I hope you like it,

Before Today
Before today I had questions
Before today I had doubts
Before today I thought I was alone
Before today I did not know where I belonged
Before today I did not truly believe

How could I explain that I was adrift?
I was alive but with no substance no soul

I had walked passed your house wanting to go in
but scared to approach
Scared that you would not want me
Scared that you would turn away from me

I gathered courage to approach your house
I gathered courage to walk through your doors

I met your family who encouraged me to stay
Your family made me feel welcome
Your family made me see that I was not alone

But you my LORD answered my questions
My doubts gave way, I’m not alone any more
After today I truly do believe.

So I have no idea how you and Shawn did it but you have brought back my faith, so Thank You.
Can you please also pass this on to Shawn as well again Thank You hugs to you and yours.

Julie N

The Dark Continent

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As I write this, I am on an airplane headed for Africa. I have to admit that I am a little uneasy about what we are going to try and accomplish over there. Of course, later this season you will all get to share these adventure with us, which is why we do it. So, I hope the video will capture the anxiety that we are all now feeling, the excitement of what lies ahead and, hopefully, the triumphs that we are about to experience. Also, we hope that we capture the “feel” of the Dark Continent so those of you that may never get the opportunity to travel there will feel as if you actually have!

This is, no doubt, the most ambitious adventure we have ever attempted. I am going to be hunting elephant with a cross bow, and Shawn will be hunting Cape buffalo with his cross bow. Although we are using the best equipment on the planet in these endeavors, the Carbon Express CX-2 cross bow, custom made “heavy” Carbon Express bolts, and shooting the Carbon Express F-15 125 grain broad heads, the danger in these hunts are very real.

The elephant is the largest animal on the planet and the Cape buffalo didn’t get the nickname, “Black Death” for no reason.

I don’t know about Shawn, but when I start thinking about my hunt, my heart begins to race uncontrollably. No matter how good your equipment is, how good a shot you might be, or how tough you might think you are, these hunts are dangerous!

However, I take comfort in the fact that the guy who is sleeping peacefully next to me will be at my side with a rifle to protect me if things go badly, like they did on my recent moose hunt. I know that Shawn will do everything in his power to protect me if the situation takes a dangerous turn.

It’s funny how friendships start and then develop over time. I think about first meeting Shawn, going on our first hunt together and ultimately deciding to bring MacMillan River Adventures back together. I think about all of the non-hunting stuff that we now like to do together. It’s cool that my family spends time with his family and visa versa. We have become like a couple of old hens, and rarely does a day go by when we don’t talk on the phone several times. Honest, loyal and just really good friends are hard to find! Shawn is one in a million.

So, I will confront the mighty elephant with no fear, okay a smaller amount of fear, because Shawn will be at my side. And as I watch him sleep, I wonder if he is this relaxed because he knows when he faces the “Black Death” that I will be his back up? Who am I kidding, he’s sleeping peacefully because he is a complete bad ass and figures the “Black Death” is nothing compared to the likes of The Undertaker! No mater what he is thinking, I will be there at his side no questions asked!

So, I will try and get some rest and dream of a successful adventure on the Dark Continent with my friend. I hope you guys keep watching because Shawn and I are having the time of our lives sharing them with you!

God Bless!