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Shawn Michaels MacMillan River Adventures

MRA Hunting Season 4 airs weekly on the Outdoor Channel.

MRA 2014 Showtimes: Tues 11:30PM ET | Wed 11:AM ET | Sat 7:30PM ET

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Turkey Hunting

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Turkey hunting! As strange as it may seem, this may be one of the biggest upsides to doing MRA. Given all the places we go and the variety of big game we get to hunt, that may surprise some.

The reason is simple. Once again, due to my WWE career, Spring turkey was something I never got to do much. It was WrestleMania time in the WWE and was usually followed by a European tour. Even the years I had taken off after WrestleMania, it was usually dedicated to family time.

The times I did go out, well, I was unsuccessful. I went out at times with a buddy from church and others with my wife. I learned very quickly, as did my wife, why everyone always raved about spring turkey! Even in our lack of success, we had the best time.

To this day, my wife counts that as her most enjoyable hunt. (That might change now as this last Christmas Eve she took her biggest buck ever, but still.) The reason for that is turkey hunting is so interactive! If your “runnin’ and gunnin’ it’s even more fun!

The majority of my spring turkey hunting has taken place on camera doing MRA, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. It’s an area I always wanted to grow in yet never had the time. One of the ironic similarities to my WWE career and MRA is I’m learning and growing on TV. It’s both incredibly risky and exciting, all at the same time.

They’re both very different genres, yet I’ve chosen to go about them the same — in front of you, on TV. Sure hope I develop as well in this as I did in the other. Time will tell.

The ShowStopper


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It’s been more than a century since the start of the Yukon Gold Rush. Although the vast amount of gold in the Yukon has long since been commercially mined, there are still hearty souls out there who strike or find gold from time to time in that rugged wilderness. Several years back, when I traveled north to the Yukon to hunt at my own MacMillan River Adventures, I was hoping to find a different kind of gold: a majestic Alaska Yukon bull moose. What occurred was that I struck gold twice during a Yukon adventure that I will never forget.

As always, I was excited as I climbed into the yellow float plane that would fly me deep into the pristine Yukon wilderness to my hunting camp. Float planes are the only means of transportation into our hunting area at MacMillan River Adventures so top notch pilots are at a premium in the Yukon. My pilot on this trip was Denny Dennison, who was one of the best bush pilots in the North Country. I had known Denny for many years and he is as interesting as the beautiful landscape we were flying over. Denny has been all around the world as a captain on sailing boats, owned a retail shop in Aspen, Colorado, where he was friends with John Denver, and for the last … well he won’t let me say how many years, he had been a bush pilot in the Yukon. His flying skills are unparalleled. He knows every inch of the landscape! Denny knows how the wind is going to blow through a high mountain pass even before the wind knows where it is going. Denny knows if it’s going to be a good hunting season based on the number of animals he sees during his many flights across the territory. I was ecstatic when Denny told me that the hunting should be great. Oh how right my friend, Denny, turned out to be!
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