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Shawn Michaels MacMillan River Adventures

MRA Hunting Season 4 airs weekly on the Outdoor Channel.

MRA 2014 Showtimes: Tues 11:30PM ET | Wed 11:AM ET | Sat 7:30PM ET

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California Blacktail

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I’m not sure if I’ve ever had a more frustrating hunt than our California Blacktail hunt! Obviously, what made it frustrating was not that it was unsuccessful, but that it was unsuccessful in such humiliating fashion. I’ve missed shots before…I’m pretty sure everyone has, but I’m not sure if I’ve missed so many times, in so many ways, and I’m sure I’ve never done it on TV for all the world to see.

During my WWE career I’ve been mocked, heckled, cursed, threatened–you name it, I’ve been through it. The same could possibly happen as result of this show. I have to tell you though, just as I did in my WWE career, I learned more from this failure than I ever did from my successes. We had the choice not to air any of those missed shots. But, that’s not what happened! I had a horrible hunt, and that was the reality of it. You needed to see it. It doesn’t always go well…life doesn’t always go well. What do we do? Give up? Quit? Crawl in a hole and hope that it goes away? No! We get back on the horse and forge ahead.

What I enjoy most about doing Outdoor television is, just as in my WWE career, I find that no matter how crappy things might appear, I’m an individual that has SO much to be thankful for. Just like the end of this week’s show indicates, my appreciation for that is always right around the corner.

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Alaska, the Last Frontier! I have been dreaming about Alaska for as long as I can remember. Even after I made my first of several trips there many years ago, the dreams still burn bright. After going on hunts for moose and caribou, the thought of hunting those giant coastal brown bears entered my mind. Actually, I had long thought of such an adventure but had dismissed those thoughts as being too dangerous or beyond my means. However, the more I dismissed the brown bear from my thoughts, the more he entered my dreams. I almost became obsessed with hunting those giant Alaska bruins. I think if you asked my family they would tell you I became full-fledge obsessed with hunting a coastal brown bear.

A few years back, I decided to try and turn my dreams into reality. I booked a spring brown bear hunt with Dale Adams, Alaskan Adventures out of Sitka, Alaska. My hunt was the first one that Dale offered in the spring and as luck would have it, it was a late and colder than usual spring. Most bears were still denned up so despite a lot of effort on Dale’s and my part, we only saw two smaller bears. As that part of southeastern Alaska only allows you to shoot one coastal brown bear every four years, I decided not to shoot a small bear and Dale agreed. I took comfort in the fact that I had once again visited the Last Frontier, seeing beautiful snow-covered mountains, deep blue seas, whales, dolphins, sea lions, bald eagles, Sitka black tail deer, and all the splendor that Mother Nature has to offer in Alaska.

The minute I got home from that trip, I started planning on going again the following year. A good friend of mine from Alaska suggested that I hunt with Kenny Scoonover and his partner, Jeff Burwell. I was told that Kenny was a legendary bear hunter and outfitter in Alaska and that Jeff was fast becoming a legend in his own right. That’s all I needed to hear and I immediately made plans for the following spring.

Although I go on many hunts annually while filming our MacMillan River Adventures television show, the one hunt that came to my mind every day was that coastal brown bear hunt. Believe me; I literally had a “bear calendar” where I marked off the days until my hunt. Read More

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