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Shawn Michaels MacMillan River Adventures

MRA Hunting Season 4 airs weekly on the Outdoor Channel.

MRA 2014 Showtimes: Tues 11:30PM ET | Wed 11:AM ET | Sat 7:30PM ET

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Proud hunter, Christian and Family man

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As I’ve been doing these Blogs, I’ve noticed a common theme in many. I write about how fun it is and the enjoyment of sharing it with friends. I’m not sure if anything captures that quite like bird hunting. Dove, pheasant, quail, you name it, it’s a blast, not to mention, good eatin’! I love dove hunting with my kids! I cut our sunflower fields, and the dove come piling in! If the fields don’t work, hunting over the ponds is sure to deliver. You’re outside in beautiful weather, hanging with your children, while teaching them a valuable lesson in being able to provide for your family. We can talk, walk, sit, whatever we want — they fly in and guns go a blazin’!

We have a safe and extremely fun time. Perhaps the most rewarding is the smile of accomplishment on their faces knowing they helped provide dinner, as their mother prepares the meal. In this edition of MRA, I was not hunting with my kids but my MRA family and some new friends. The great thing about hunting is that no matter how many people you meet and how different you or they may be from each other, you always share something in common. Something you’re equally passionate about while knowing not everyone will understand it.

Once again, a very similar experience I had with my old job. Some folks just didn’t get it, thought it was silly, or even outright stupid. Wanna know the irony? When people who supported me in my old line of work found out I’d moved on to another passion of mine, they began to be the ones expressing how silly and stupid it was…just with tons more profanity and insults. Thankfully, I remember how it all started, being mocked, made fun, for being a pro wrestler. Then, again, when I became a Christian. And, then again, when I joined the outdoor world. Come to think of it, it’s happened a lot! It’s old hat. People fear, condemn and judge harshly out of not understanding or just plain ol’ ignorance.

Heck, I’ve done it. The way I see it, I’ve had the unbelievably wonderful pleasure of being a part of some pretty elite groups. I’m proud of my WWE career, I’m proud to be a Christian, and I’m damn proud to be a hunter!

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A Family Buck

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It was only me who was perched in a tree stand 17 feet above the sacred earth of the Mark Family Farm last November. I was the only one who felt the biting chill of the fall’s North wind. It was only my eyes that watched God’s perfect artwork as he painted a brilliant sunset to close another glorious day of hunting on our family farm. And it was certainly only my heart that pounded nearly out of my chest as I watched the majestic 145 inch whitetail buck work his way slowly along the edge of a meadow, on a trail that would take him to less than 20 yards from my stand. However, as this time-honored drama unfolded, I knew I was not alone. My mind was replaying the special family time of fun and effort that has gone into the wildlife management program we carry out at the Mark Family Farm. It is some of the most special time that we spend together as a family and it involves not only myself but my lovely wife, Jeanne, and our wonderful children Zach, Jacob and Anna. The Mark Family Farm that is the home of so many wild critters and special Mark Family memories is a 200 acre track about 7 miles from the farm we live on. This ground is an animal paradise for whitetail deer, turkeys, bobcats, coyotes, rabbits, squirrels, bobwhite quail and numerous song birds. In addition to the 110 acres of tilled soil, there is 90 acres of gnarly woods that provide a sanctuary for all of the wildlife. Read More

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Shawn Michaels

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