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Shawn Michaels MacMillan River Adventures

MRA Hunting Season 4 airs weekly on the Outdoor Channel.

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Moose Master

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This was my fourth trip up to the Yukon and I foolishly thought that maybe, just maybe, this time, I might be able to calmly and professionally go about the hunt. Boy, was I wrong!! You just never get used to the majesty, scenery and outright awe of the Yukon. It feels new all over again. The mountains, trees, river and….well, the wildlife.

Especially, the Alaskan Yukon Moose! You just can’t take for granted, or get “used to,” a 1600 lb. animal. As in years past, we ventured up and down the beautiful river, encountered various weather conditions, and put plenty of miles on our Rocky boots. In the end, Keith and I both put moose on the ground….well, actually, we both put our moose in the river.

Which, by the way, created a whole new world of wet and other complications we’ve yet to encounter in the Yukon. It’s like I said at the beginning…you just never “get used to” the Yukon.


Tis the Season

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We are fast approaching archery season in every state and if you haven’t been out shooting your bow, now is the time. If you are like so many other hunters, myself included, who just got a new bow before the season starts, this really applies to you! If you want to have a successful 2014 archery season, you have to shoot accurate arrows. An accurate arrow is the culmination of an archer who has practiced his shooting and a bow that is well tuned and sighted in perfectly.

The purpose of my article this week is to help beginners, and veterans alike, accurately sight in their bows. What I am about to talk to you about assumes that your bow has been properly set up from the start. By that I mean your arrow rest has been put on correctly and properly adjusted; your nocking point is level; your peep sight rotates perfectly for your draw and perfectly surrounds your sight pins at full draw. If you use a kisser button, and I recommend that you do, make sure that it is set up perfectly for your draw. If you are an experienced hunter, you already know what I am talking about. If you are a novice, I strongly recommend that you have your rest, peep sight, sight pins, kisser button and D-loop put on and adjusted at a professional bow shop. For me, I rely on the boys at BB Archery in Independence, Missouri.

Once everything has been put on the bow properly and tested by shooting multiple arrows through paper to ensure a perfect bullet hole with three perfect lines for you fletchings, you are ready to sight in for accuracy. I recommend if it’s a new bow that you shoot no less than 100 arrows before getting serious about making sight adjustments. I would shoot those first hundred arrows very close to a target and not worry about where the arrows are hitting at all. In fact, many of my first arrows of the season are shot with my eyes shut concentrating 100% on replicating my shooting form each time. The key to archery success is to develop a consistent shooting technique that you use every time you release an arrow.

My shooting style is that I draw the bow back and the first thing I do is anchor my thumb joint behind my jaw. When I am drawing and anchoring, I’m really not paying any attention to my pins, my peep or anything else on my bow. Once the web of my thumb is tightly anchored to my jaw, I make sure that my bowstring rests tight against the right side of my nose. A lot of excellent shooters, and it is probably the preferred method, rest the string on the tip of their nose every time. Because I have a relatively short draw length and I am trying to maximize every inch of draw I can get, I have learned to consistently bring my string to the side of my nose.

Once my thumb is anchored on my jaw, and the string is snug to the right side of my nose, I make sure my kisser button rests in the corner of my lips. Once you draw back and anchor at the same place every time, if your kisser button is appropriately set up, this should be an automatic deal. However, I believe a kisser button is important to consistent accuracy because it gives you one more reference point to ensure consistent shooting.

The next thing I do is look through my peep sight and make sure that the visual picture of the circle around my peep sight rests perfectly on the circle surrounding my sight pins. If your peep sight does not line up perfectly with your sight pin circle, your shot will not be accurate. Once you are anchored tightly to your jaw, your string touching your nose at the same point every time, your kisser button in the corner of your mouth, and your peep sight perfectly surrounding your sight pins, you have established four reference points that if you replicate all four of these each time you shoot an arrow, your accuracy should be very consistent.

As canting your bow to one side or the other can affect accuracy down range, I always peek at the bubble level on my sight pins to ensure that my bow is perfectly perpendicular. At that point, the only thing left to do is get the appropriate sight pin on the target and squeeze the release. Read More

From the Fans . . .

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“This show MRA is awesome.not just the hunting, but the chemistry. I have watched Shawn Michaels Wrestle since 1989. He is so entertaining. He and Keith are so great together. Mostly, I love the message. FFFF. Faith Family Friends and Fun. This opened me up to getting my wife n kids to live more of an outdoor lifestyle and get together with more friends. Thank you guys so very much for all the great lessons taught and not just about the hunting lessons which are great. You all are first class God loving good people.”

-Mark B.

Great sight-in techniques article. Big fan of the show.
Met you both @ Field & Stream Grand Opening in Cranberry, Pa.
I don’t wear the hat you both signed. That stays on the,”Shelf of Honor.”
Much success to you both you and families. Enjoyed “Squirreling Around” episode.”

Regards, Bill Y

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