Meet Shawn Michaels

In 2010, Shawn Michaels retired from WWE after a successful run of over twenty-five years in the ring. A San Antonio, Texas native, Shawn officially became a part of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) in 1988.

A ten-time winner of Pro Wrestling Illustrated’s Match of the Year Award, Michaels has been blessed to be the WWE World Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, two time Royal Rumble winner, Intercontinental Champion and World Tag Team Champion, along with many other noteworthy accolades. He also has compiled a list of memorable nicknames that fans across the globe associate with his career in WWE including: Heart Break Kid (HBK), The ShowStopper and Mr. Wrestlemania, to name a few.

Immediately after his retirement Michaels added “Mr. Hall-of-Fame” to his list of nick names when he was inducted into Professional Wrestling’s most exclusive club, The WWE Hall of Fame!

In spite of widely being recognized as “the greatest in ring performer in WWE history, Michaels is prouder of his life out of ring! He is a devoted husband, loving father and a out spoken Christian man. Every where he goes Shawn proudly talks about his Faith, Family, Friendships, and his love and passion for the Great Outdoors!”

In 1999, Michaels met his wife of fifteen years Rebecca, and the two, along with their children Cameron and Cheyenne, began a spiritual journey that continues today.

Michaels has often told people that his first encounter with all mighty God took place in a deer blind. It was this encounter that would transform his life and the life of his family forever.

Though the WWE schedule would keep Michaels busy, he always made it a point to “get in the field” when the opportunity arose.
With the decision to home school their children, the love of God, family and country would be the hallmark of the outdoor lifestyle Shawn and Rebecca would adopt for their family. Though Michaels still appears occasionally on WWE programming, in 2010 he stepped away to, “be home and help raise my children.”

Shawn and Rebecca met Keith Mark and his wife Jeanne at the 2010 SHOT Show and the two quickly realized it was more than just a coincidence!

Two families with the same “core” value system, not just in talk, but in practice, quickly formed a friendship that they firmly believe will stand the test of time.

It was this bond that led Shawn and Keith to bring MacMillan River Adventures back to Outdoor Channel. The result was astounding! MacMillan River Adventures quickly became one of the most popular shows on Outdoor Channel and has been nominated for five Golden Moose Awards, including: “Best Series!” MRA won the Golden Moose Award in 2011 for airing the “Best Conservation” show of the year for their highly acclaimed “Wolf Episode.” The return of MRA in 2014 is a highly anticipated event as viewers have been looking forward to going on new adventures with the MRA Team. At a recent autograph appearance, Michaels said, “One of the elements that has made MRA so fun for me, and popular, is the on screen chemistry between Keith and me! It reminds me of some of my WWE tag teams. We are so comfortable together that everything is just natural. We know what the other one is going to do or say so that makes the adventures fun and easy. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when I want to kill him, it just means that there is no one else I would ever do this show with! Keith and I will be hunting buddies for life!”

The two outdoorsmen make no bones about their agenda; they are going to promote their love of God…their family…and the great outdoors – each one in their own riches and glory. Michaels recently said, “I am so happy that the outdoor and hunting community has accepted me like they have. I think they now are starting to understand just how passionate I am about the hunting lifestyle my family and I live as well as my willingness to get in the fight on the critical conservation and Second Amendment efforts!” Make no bones about it, Shawn Michaels is in the outdoor world to stay, and if you’re not down with that…….!