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MRA Wins Golden Moose Award

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  • January 25, 2012

Shawn Michaels’ MRA Wins Golden Moose Award

for nomination in: Best Conservation

On behalf of Shawn Michaels, Keith Mark and everyone at MRA Hunting we would like to say thank you for your continued support over the past year. We could not have won this award without you!!

The continental 48 states had a huge conservation and wildlife issue that no one wanted to admit or address! The transplanted Grey Wolf had expanded beyond all reasonable expectations and were decimating western game animal populations. None of the traditional conservation organizations wanted to lead the fight and none of the outdoor shows had presented it to the hunting world.

In stepped Big Game Forever, the upstart conservation organization with huge balls and Shawn and Keith and the fight was on. Ryan Benson, the founder of BGF, along with wildlife champion Don Peay took the fight to Washington DC, and thanks to the publicity gained from this show, along with the support of concerned sportsmen all over this great land, the tide has turned in the Wolf War. The wolf has been partially delisted is some states and western wolf hunts have begun!

Also, the Outdoor Channel changed its own internal policy and now allows shows to air wolf hunts! Facts have triumphed over nonsense! In the end, this incredibly informing and entertaining show not only earned MRA critical acclaim, but it earned Shawn, Keith and the entire MRA team a Golden Moose Award for the “Best Conservation Show” of the year!

MRA Hunting also received GMA Nominations for:

Best Overall
Best Deer
Best Sound Design
Best Graphics

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